Joined in: April 2008
Hometown: Quang Nam
Graduated: Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
Hobbies: Football
Motto: The most valuable asset of business is human (Matsushita Konosuke)

Joined since 2008, my current position is Deputy Director of J&V Solutions.
Starting from a software development staff, I understand the challenges of the job as well as the requirements of high quality. Therefore, when being in charge of the new position, I was a bit worried. However, I have strong sense of my responsibilities, I’ve improved my knowledge of project management as well as human resource management step by step. Through this, I gradually accumulated experience.
Grasping the key to the success of projects is not only based on an individual ability but it is also the effort of the whole team. So, with thought in mind that “the most valuable asset of business is human (Matsushita Konosuke)”, I always try to search for talents, promote their creative ability as well as their logical thinking.
I hope that in the future, J&V Solutions will attract more young talent, make our team more and more growing.